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Not Just a Video Editing Course!

the ultimate beginner-friendly video editing course to kickstart your freelance career.
teaching my
4 years of experience in 2 months
Youtube, International Freelance work, Creative Agency, Brand Commercials, You name it - Tharun has an experience of them all and in this course, he would be teaching you what he has learnt in his past 4 year journey.

Quantum Project

Life is full of chaos if you don't have a proper guidance. Let my videos be your boat in your journey called the life.

The Boring Edit

A Creative Agency

Tharun Speaks

what you'll learn in this course

Video Editing

Discover the power of video editing where you'll learn to assemble footage to create polished and professional videos tailored to your unique style.


Create highly engaging content, while also understanding the strategies behind successful channel growth and viewer retention.

Sound Design

Elevate your videos with expert sound design skills enabling you to craft aural atmospheres, optimise dialogue clarity, and add depth to your visual storytelling.


Equip yourself with the skills to build a portfolio, navigate client relationships, handle time management, and create standout video content that meets their unique needs.


Explore the intricacies of storytelling, mastering techniques to weave compelling plots, build tension, and deliver impactful messages through the medium of video.

Start your Agency

Gain practical knowledge in client acquisition, team management, and crafting a unique brand identity that resonates with your target market.

Color Grading

Delve into the world of color manipulation, mastering the ability to control emotions and storytelling by fine-tuning the color aesthetics of your content.

AI Tools

Discover how to leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance efficiency, automate tasks, and elevate the quality of your projects.

Why this course?

we teach you everything
Not just editing but how to get your first freelance gig, how to start your own agency, how to grow on your socials and ultimately make revenue out of it

The Best Prices Ever

₹ 5000

₹ 3499 + GST


Studio Quality Lectures
Weekly Assignments
Flash Cards (New)
Access to In-Course Challenges (New)
Starting from 29th July
₹ 8000

₹ 4999 + GST


Everything in Basic
Dedicated Mentors to guide you
Weekly 2 Live Sessions
Weekly 2 Mentor Sessions
Video Editing Assets worth 4999/-
Get Hired in Our Agency
Starting from 29th July
₹ 15000

₹ 11999+ GST


Everything in Gold
Special Group with Tharun
Video Editing Assets worth 12000/-
Access to Placements - Earn upto 30K per Month
Free Video Editing Assets worth 8000/-
Access to my personal mentorship group
Starting from 29th July

What people say about us?

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Hie Guys. This is Guna Firstly I doesn't even know what is editing and I was very tensed that will I able to learn or not,even though I had took this course by just seeing the name "THARUN". And this course is very beginner friendly and helps me alot to learn from basics the way tharun explains every little aspects of editing was too gud, and main asset of this course was mentorship, community and assignments. They helped me alot to learn in these little time, and we're half the way of learning I hope I'll learn more in further classes Thanks to Tharun.Neeraj. Shruthik and team 🙂
This course is amazing. I have 3 years of editing experience, but I learned countless editing tricks and techniques and it has improved my editing. The video lectures and the live sessions are good and Tharun explains the concepts of Editing. Youtube and other things in a very clear way and the assignments are also extremely fun to do. The mentors are also really good and help us with all our problems.I have also made many friends in this course whom I can learn from and the community is really amazing, Thank vou Tharun, Neeraj. Shrutik and team.
First things first.Hello everyone, This is how it started now after spending more than 2 months in this course, I really gained lot of Stuffs and made some of my days more productive. Before this course I haven't had any experience in video editing but always fascinated towards it. Even though I was a newbie I never felt any of the lectures. content to be difficult. Especially if u were a jee aspirant like me in past or currently you are, for u getting stuffs out of this course is like walk in the park. Tharun will make you feel like that.Most importantly The entire structure of the course is well designed and it's flexible in such a way that it will care each and every one in the course. Talking about pricing.it's absolutely worth each and every penny. In fact even before course completion we students gained a lot more than what we have spent.As the name suggests it's not just an editing course, you will get a lot apart from that/don't wanna reveal .Before concluding I wanna thank my mentor @Shrutik Sheshkar. @Neeraj and last but not least @Tharun Speaks for all whatever you guys have provided via this course.
I am not new to editing and have been editing for 2 years. I loved Tharun Speaks Videos since the start once i was in India and now abroad. Once i came to know about the course i new i was taking it, to further enhance my skills. I got the Gold membership. I have a YouTube channel and my idea was to not only learn editing but also about YouTube and Agency since this is "not just an editing course", and indeed it is true to its inception. What I really love is the community building and mentorship aspect of this course. It is helping me get new ideas and also to highlight what can be done better. It's always good to learn when you have a passionate person as Tharun and a dedicated team to help you. I have made new friends and I feel TharunSpeaks community is only going to grow strong with time. Tharun is excellent as we know it and so are the mentors. As Tharun says. "I would love to see few YouTubers coming out of this cohort" and I am confident with their help and guidance i can take my channel to new heights. Thank you Tharun, Neera). Shrutik, Deepak and team.
Smit Modi
Hello Everyone, My name is smit!! I have edit so many videos till now but i can definitely say that this course is just a banger!!, It has streamedlined my learning process, The curriculum is also very well-structured, it takes us through the basics of editing and then gradually through more advance stuff and techniques. Then assignments are really helpful they as it has given me the opportunity to apply the learning that i got through this course. Also I one thing that i like most about the course is its flexibility i.e. I have a full-time job as a software developer, but still I can learn through this course at my own pace as a side hobby. Also The mentors are very supportive and we have equally passionate community members through which we can share our learnings and experiences, This course has opened the doors of creativitiy for me. I definetly recommend this course to anyone who is interesed in this field.
Adarsh Kumar
This course is really great.And it provides me with sufficient guidance to be able to edit the videos. The assets provided are superb.And I even made my youtube channel and posted the videos.And it's quite flexible and the assignments given are top notch.Soon will be finding clients for editing videos.But the views i get on yt are sometimes sad.
I have been waiting for the course for a long time. Finally,it's here and I love it. Absolute banger of course. The course had taught me the different ways to edit a video. I would absolutely recommend it to whomever wants to learn editing from scratch.
This is the best investment I had till date, not only mentors but the live sessions you get are super value-packed. And Tharun's insight on YouTube and how to grow is insane.
This video editing course is not just a video editing course ... It changed me... I was the guy who was lazy and used to procastinate a lot .. but this course changed me a lot... From being lazy to building better habits... Its literally not just a video editing course.... Thankyou tharun Bhaiya
Lakshay Soni
Taking the course was a great decision i've taken for my overall development. Tharun isn't only teaching us how to edit but much more than that, the mentors we have, the communinty we're building is really supportive, encouraging and absolutely amazing! So far i've got my first client from this, So for me this course is very beneficial 🙌🏻
Darshan Koti
Quality Of Classes And Mentors Is Good And Best Thing Is Community And Tharun Is Giving More Than He Promised, Thank You man
Yash Biradar
The course untill now has been a vast depth of ocean for me,alot of learnings every Sunday night and the classes as usual, it literally made me think more creative and be more creative All thanks to tharun anna!
Nuzhat khan
The course is totally worth it. All sessions are superb and it really helps me to edit much better day by day sooo I love it
Arpit Upadhyay
4k through thumbnails
yesterday got hired as freelance editor in markitup the ishan's sharma agency
finally made my first 1k just wanna thank you
Currently editing client ka video while watching this
made my own first 2.3k
Vineeth Aitha
Hello guys, my name is Vineeth First of all it's not just a video editing course it's something very special, I have seem so many courses in online but I for sure say that none of the courses are as better as this course. This course charged me (4000/-) but it worth more than that.it's absolutely value for money. I can say that course is something different, it's amazing.


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